Column: Your Lyft or Uber driver is vaping weed? What to do? This and other driving questions from the legal weed frontier

“It was legalization day,” Halberstam says, “and so we were prepared to be somewhat tolerant of the jubilant mood of marijuana imbibers on that day.” Besides, for all they knew, a previous passenger ... read more

Compass Box Myths & Legends (1, 2 and 3) Single Malt Scotch Tasting

To an American brown liquor drinker, it may take a moment to fully grasp the concept behind a company like Compass Box. We tend to be conditioned, as imbibers of bourbon and rye, to think of ... read more

Off the great bar in the sky, with no style

A round for all fellow imbibers who have passed on after consuming fake alcohol, we drinkers are informed. I understand that the end is not pretty. Nothing at all like taking a last pull of your ... read more

Sip slidin’ away

This time of the year, Dave Johanning notices a difference in the orders he gets at The Sandbar. Guinness and other heavy drinks are out. Wheat beers and anything with fruit juice are in. “I think ... read more

You’ve heard of ‘farm to table;’ imbibers can now enjoy ‘farm to glass’ here in Utah

Farm-to-table is a movement that aims to connect people with the source of their food, by getting it from local farms. Salt Lake Magazine's Farm to Glass event has a similar goal, except the buzz is ... read more

Why the Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery in Louisville Is a Must-Visit for Imbibers

Take a peek inside the newest of the new generation of handsome Louisville tasting rooms. Michter’s Bar at Fort Nelson has a commanding view of downtown Louisville. (Photo courtesy of Michter's) ... read more

Low turnout at annual capital city area beer float

The annual grassroots event Kaljakellunta invites people to float leisurely down a river and enjoy beer. Eastern Uusimaa police estimate that about 600 people participated in the 2019 event, a ... read more

Last-minute gifts for the imbibers on your list

I spent years trying to avoid Christmas, jaded by the crass consumerism that is foisted upon us each year, and my Grinch-like resolve served me well for a period. This was easily done when I was ... read more

Penny-pinching imbibers fuel higher alcohol drinks in Japan

Japanese brewers are discovering a new way to tap the lucrative market of working adults: Get them tipsy more quickly and efficiently. This domestic segment is becoming more important to beer makers ... read more

AAA's free Tipsy Tow service helps imbibers get home safely on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day means an increased DUI enforcement presence on Utah roads. According to a press release from the Department of Public Safety, more than 100 overtime shifts will be logged among law ... read more

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